Here I Am

Photo by Margaret Muza

I am Tif; a wife and mother from the Midwest living a life in my head. My earliest memories are of sitting in my bedroom filling notebooks with stories about people who were not me – or maybe people I could be some day. I always felt like I needed to hide parts of myself because I wasn’t quite like those around me so I hid in the Arts from a very young age. I studied dance and writing and photography. I fell in love with music, visual art of all kinds, and the performing arts. Without Art, I have no outlet for those hidden treasures and while I have had the support all my life to push towards making Art my profession, I have constantly felt the push from society telling me that it is a foolish dream and to “get a real job”. I fell from those pushes a few times. It was with the birth of my children and the passionate pushes from my husband that I now fully believe and trust that I was made for this. I am here for this. For uncovering that which is hidden because we feel unseen although we are more alike than not. I am here to tell my stories; personal and from the streams in my brain. There are stories everywhere along the way yearning to be told and I welcome you to be here for them.

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