PODCAST: Dear Girl by Aija Mayrock

“Dear Mother,  

I see your fears baked into how you raised me. 

I see them tremble from your lips as you warn me. 

I know you are terrified of the world that could swallow 

me whole. 

But Mother, you need not fear, 

because even if I am swallowed up, 

I will kick until I am spit back out. 

I will fight with the fists you gave me. 

I will shout from the gut you built for me.  

Dear Mother, 

you need not worry.

For I am the warrior you always dreamed you’d have. 

I will not go down fighting 

because I will not go down at all.”


“You tell your daughter that she is being emotional, irrational, 

yet you tell your son that he is being strong, smart;  

you are teaching your daughter to doubt her feelings, 

to question her beliefs.  

And so when she is mistreated, 

she will think back to what was said

 under your roof 

and believe those gut feelings we speak of 

are merely irrational thoughts,  

while your son believes every thought he has is fair and right.  

Be careful how you raise your daughters. 

Be careful how you raise your sons.”

Buy Dear Girl HERE

Find more on Aija Mayrock here

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