PODCAST: Wordslut by Amanda Montell

I was not planning on this being the first episode of Season 1 but the universe spoke and here she is.

This episode explores fratriarchy and how it best explains the culture in which we currently live.

Purchase Wordslut from a local bookstore here

Bans Off Our Bodies – women’s rights info

Vote411.org – voting info

8 responses to “PODCAST: Wordslut by Amanda Montell”

  1. A listener (transparency – this listener is my husband) was curious to know what others thought about the U.S. splitting up into different countries or territories. So – what do you think??


  2. Joleena Kilbey Avatar
    Joleena Kilbey

    I really enjoyed listening to this podcast. Tif touched on topics that I am currently feeling. I especially related to the comments about social media

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    1. It’s definitely time to reconsider how we all use social media.


  3. What a perfect episode to capture our current world. I will definitely be reading Wordslut – anything to help take down the patriarchy ✊

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    1. It’s a great read. So many behaviors to change and language to eliminate!


  4. Shannon Backlund Avatar
    Shannon Backlund

    Great points made. The history behind fratiarchy and how it’s impacted movements, in the past century alone, is important to discuss. The importance of community in this country is detrimental to increasing voter turnout and overall engagement in changing legislation. Thanks Tif for the info and starting the conversation!

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    1. Or maybe we make it a sorority….. sororiarchy. Need it done right ? – you need a woman 💪🏽


  5. Tif hit it on the head with so many things she said. Not what you know, who you know. She not only speaks these known sayings, she elaborates on the meaning behind them. The pros AND the cons. She remains open minded while still expressing her opinion. I also love the information she gave out – vote411.org and bands off our bodies. Real life helpful stuff! I learned so much (fratriarchy) in this short podcast.
    I cannot wait to hear more content!

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